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The Kenilworth
Club & Villas

Perfect for those special dinners

The freshness of the scents of Mahua and Palash trees, night birds singing their tunes and a candle lit dinner table. What else is required to unwind into the memory lane? Come to "Machaan" the private dining zone in the Kenilworth.

Chill out at the pool

What place other than an inviting swimming pool is expected when it starts getting hot? Enjoy beautifully crafted pool with a sunshine deck to chill out. Come to "Lagoon" the prime relaxing zone in the Kenilworth.

Stay sharp with games

Test your skills with the snooker, Table Tennis, a game of Cards, or may be a couple of boards of Carom. Come to "Tables" the sports and recreation zone in the Kenilworth.

Enjoy life at the Chalets 

As the night falls get yourself tucked into the comforts of tastefully furnished chalets or even get under an exotic shower under the stars. Come to "Chalets" the night out zone in the Kenilworth.

The ‘The Kenilworth’ is a concept condominium of 18 Eco-friendly chalets with an equally Eco-friendly Clubhouse.The “Kenilworth” is your club for all those events that you would like to have sweet memories of.

At The Kenilworth you would be able to enjoy facilities like Swimming pool, Pool side Machaan, Levitated Restaurant, BAR, Mini Indoor Theatre, Table Tennis, Snooker, Card Room, Library, Clay Court Tennis, Amphitheatre and most important happiness. You can own a Villa at a very attractive investment or even signup for the membership of the Club.

Esthetically Planned with Green touch

The layout is eshetically planned with keeping the crop and people movement in mind. The layout and the designs of the buildings are planned in such a way that no tree is harmed and the Eco-system is maintained.

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