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    Made from the sustainable, renewable timber & Stone from forests and quarries across the globe and India that is grown or excavated with the minimal use of fossil fuels. We source the Stone and wood from the local geography to minimize the use of fossil fuel so that we as a team contribute to the green footprint. This also makes your dream home more adaptive to the climate and environment of Central India. 


    Our designs make it easy to make changes / modifications to your building. Making additions, changing the plinth size or moving around rooms within the design are all feasible allowing you to get the home in the style you want. Whether it's a conventional home or something more modern or contemporary - the Choice is Yours!


    The four building materials that are going to be used for creating the Chalets & Villas will be utilized at the most appropriate locations to bring your dream into reality. 

    The architectural design for your dream villa is co-created between you and our design team. The expertise of our consultants that are from different geographies bring in years of expertise on to the table to give a shape to your dreams.

    Made from the sustainable, renewable timber 

Team Vanashree

Unmesh Deshpande

Unmesh is an Industrial Electronics Engineer with
30 Years of IT Experience. He has an experiance of working with many corporate organizations and consulting Government departments.
He loves Project Planning, Budgets, Social Networking, Concepts & Design.
He also enjoys and organizes Wildlife Photography tours. Rally car driving and being an Adventurist is his passion. He has also done Flying as a trainee pilot.

Aditya Bhende

Aditya has graduated in Pure Sciences. He has 7 Years of Event Management & Food Industry experience and loves every bit of it.
His looks after the legal compliance of all the lands that Vanashree holds. He is very well connected socially. 
He is also a Licensed Pilot and used to fly in The Philippines. He loves adventure Driving and Automobiles.

Niranjan Deshpande

Niranjan is a Chemical Engineer. He is a Gold Medalist in software programing from NIIT. He brings with him 10 Years of IT and 15 Years Financial Portfolio Management Experience.
He plays the role of CFO and Finance Controller at Vanashree. He loves Travelling to unexplored areas.

Abhay Ghate

Abhay is an ex Naval Personnel. He looks into the vigillance and investigations before Vanashree acquires any asset. He looks into contracts and people management at Vanashree.
He is associated with many industrial houses and establishments in and around Central India.