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Welcome to Vanashree

"Vanashree" is an Indian word that defines the essence of the activity that our company is engaged into. Here nature in its magnificence and glory invites you to experience, relish and indulge into some beautiful moments that “Life” 

Our project locations are situated amidst forests where the scents, the sounds, the sights and the colors come alive - coupled with contemporary style stay to give our members a unique experience. 

Thus, our project locations are an ideal escapade for those who need a break from their monotonous city life. The best part – you conceptualize and we materialize - a full circle from design to production / manufacturing of your own living spaces much in line with the nature and to top it all with many other activities, excursions, camps etc.

“We invite you to dream! Whatever your dreams, we trust that you will enjoy this little taste of our green world”.

Environmentally yours'

Team Vanashree

88 West Park Road
Nagpur - 440012

Pone: +91 98909 35623


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